General Craft Adhesives and Acrylic Adhesives

craft glues and varnishesWhether you are a fine artist or a general hobbyist or crafter, you will regularly use a wide range of Adhesives to suit your project.  From simple school PVA glue to specialist glues for hard to stick items.

Craftmill stock a wide range of craft adhesives and in each case we explain carefully its application.  You can be assured of unbeatable prices and excellent delivery service with our next day despatch promise. All of our PVA glues are quick drying and very strong.

Washable Kids Adhesive

Our series of acrylic adhesives starts with a basic washable kids glue in a 150ml plastic bottle up to 5 litres. This is washable acrylic craft glue with a basic dispenser nozzle. It is widely used as a pre school glue. It dries clear.

Double ended Acyrlic Glue Pen

Next we have a strong craft glue which has a fine nozzle and at the other end a much broader spreader giving you a very versatile glue dispenser.

Master Medium

Acrylic Glue & Varnish combination

Master Medium is a higher quality PVA adhesive than the childrens glue for the more demanding craft project. It can be mixed with poster paint to make it water resistant. It is much stronger than the kids glue and is suitable for joining wood and cardboard. This water resistant glue is an all round general purpose glue.





This is the next higher quality for the heavy duty crafter and artist. This is a very high solids PVA glue suitable for all types of heavy duty gluing. Supertack PVA glue can be used to glue fabrics, wood, polystyrene, plaster of paris etc. It can be added to water to enhance the strength of plaster of paris and Modroc plaster bandage. We stock Supertack adhesive inpot sizes from 100ml to 500ml. These have screw on lids for use with a brush.


Polyten adhesive is one of the best PVA adhesives on the market. It is a super strong high speed adhesive and when dry the joint is stronger than the pieces being joined – especially if they are wood. Polyten glue is formulated to dry in 10 minutes. It has been produced for the professional and the serious DIY hobbyist for use all around the home. It is the ideal wood glue for general joinery, furniture and kitchen assembly. It is available in 125ml, 250ml and 500ml pots with dispenser nozzles.

Edible glue for sweet trees, cake and pastry crafts

Edible glue takes the worry out of sticking sweets and chocolates to pastry or sweet trees.

Polymer Clay Glues

Polymer clay glue are designed to stick parts of a polymer clay model together when baked on the clay in the domestic oven.