Baby Hand and Foot Moulding and Casting

Baby Hand Casting & Foot Casting Kit (and Adult Hand, Foot and other Small Body Parts)

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Making a lasting 3D memento of your tiny baby’s hand or foot is a priceless casting that you will treasure.  These kits are our speciality –

we stock the best products and the most detailed information sheets to make a hand and foot cast from babies to adults.

Although the kits are most frequently used for babies, they can be for any age and body part. A family can clasp hands and cast them together (though its tricky to do!) or a couple on their wedding day or perhaps you want to make a cherished casting of a hand of a loved one to keep.

What you will need to carry out a Hand Casting & Foot Casting

3-d adult

For baby hand and foot casting, you have to get some small poly bags to pour in the alginate for baby’s hand to be put in but we prefer an empty drinks container of a suitable size easily to fit the limb into. It uses a bit more alginate but when pouring in the plaster, a drinks container stands firmly upright – bags don’t stand up naturally. Gloves are not necessary as the set alginate peels off very easily. Modelling a foot will use more alginate as it is an awkward shape. When modelling a foot, you don’t need to model the whole foot but be sure to keep the limb at least 1cm away from the edge of the container otherwise the alginate deforms as you pull the foot out of the container. A baby foot will fit nicely into an empty butter container.

bronze baby hand cast image

Those who know best say that 450g of Alginate will make up to 5 new baby hands or feet. It will make one medium size adult hand and for an adult foot you need at least two 450g bags. Remember the Moulding Alginate is for making the mould only. After making the mould, you then need to make a casting from your mould. To do this you need fine casting plaster. An adult foot will require at least 3kg of fine casting plaster or even better, super strong Castingart Stonecast Plaster which we now stock. 1kg of plaster is more than enough to go with the 500g pack of Alginate.

You may also wish to paint your finished casting After making the casting let it dry thoroughly then paint gold, copper or silver (also supplied by me). Finally you can varnish your finished product if necessary. We also stock Acrylic Varnish in Matt varnish, Satin varnish and Gloss varnish. For these products, please see our Acrylic Painting Materials.

How to display a baby Hand or Foot Cast

babyfeetOnce you have completed the casting, it is a great talking point to display with pride.  A 3-d shadow box frame is perfect as this will preserve your cast and keep it safe. You can have one custom made by  your local picture framer or buy a budget wooden version in our store.  Or you can mount on a wooden plinth alternatively