Sculpey , Stadetler and Makins Push Moulds

Sculpey Push Moulds and Makins Push Moulds

Polymer Clay, Sugarpaste and Casting Moulds Now, anyone can make flowers, animals, miniature dolls and a multitude of other designs using a push mould. Sculpey push moulds or Makins push moulds can be used in sugarcraft, cake decorating, and with polymer clay and air drying clays like Das and Earthen clays. Sculpey also have an exciting range of fun jewellery moulds. Sugarcraft moulds and cake … [Read more...]

Pregnant Belly Casting

range of pregnant belly casts casting

Pregnant Belly Casting - A Few Ideas and Some Inspiration What is a pregnancy belly cast? A pregnant tummy or belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting mum's beautiful pregnant form. Our pregnant belly casting kit enables mums to create a lasting memory of their pregnancy in the privacy of their home in just 30 minutes. Photos and video can't capture an expecting mum's shape the way … [Read more...]

Baby Hand and Foot Moulding and Casting

3-d adult

Baby Hand Casting & Foot Casting Kit (and Adult Hand, Foot and other Small Body Parts) Making a lasting 3D memento of your tiny baby's hand or foot is a priceless casting that you will treasure.  These kits are our speciality - we stock the best products and the most detailed information sheets to make a hand and foot cast from babies to adults. Although the kits are most … [Read more...]

Chromatic Impression Moulding Alginate

baby foot casts jo inglis-lyons

Alginate - Alginart™ Impression Moulding Material Craftmill Chromatic Impression Moulding Alginate is a single use moulding material for professionals or modellers to make mouldings large or small of any body part like rows of teeth, hands, feet and even breasts and other body parts. Alginate can also do the same job, using the same technique for replication of other small items that can be … [Read more...]

Fine Casting Plaster

Gypsum Casting Plaster

Helpful Tips on Using Gypsum Casting Plaster What is Casting Plaster or Plaster of Paris? Plaster of Paris, or simply plaster, was originally a type of building material based on calcium sulfate hemihydrate, nominally (CaSO4)2. H2O. It is created by heating gypsum to about 150˚C, 2CaSO4·4H2O + Heat → 2CaSO4·H2O + 3H2O (released as steam). A large gypsum deposit at Montmartre in Paris is … [Read more...]

ModRoc Plaster of Paris Bandage for Modelling

Tips on using ModRoc Plaster of Paris Bandage for Modelling

History   Modroc (or Modrock ) is plaster bandage that is used for modelling, casting and crafting.  So how did it come about that a medical product began to be used in this way?  Many years ago, somebody in the theatrical trade had an urgent problem. He had to make some simulated rocks for a set quickly. He had a brain wave (or, perhaps in the past he had broken a leg and had it … [Read more...]