Pregnant Belly Casting

Pregnant Belly Casting – A Few Ideas and Some Inspiration

What is a pregnancy belly cast?

Pregnant Belly Casting

A pregnant tummy or belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting mum’s beautiful pregnant form. Our pregnant belly casting kit enables mums to create a lasting memory of their pregnancy in the privacy of their home in just 30 minutes. Photos and video can’t capture an expecting mum’s shape the way our pregnant belly cast can. A pregnancy keepsake in the form of this cast enables a mum to forever remember how she looked during her pregnancy and the special nine months she shared with her growing baby.

As one mum aptly put it, “It is a really cool way of capturing your pregnant body. You can show your child later that this is what mum looked like when you were inside!” 

The belly casts featured above are by Tina Killackey.  We think the way she has decorated these casts is truly inspirational.  Why not have a go with acrylic hobby paints.  Take a look at her website for more wonderful work.

Where can I buy a pregnant belly cast kit cost and what comes in your kit?

The price of our pregnancy belly casts kit is less than £10.00 plus postage which 1 cast from neck to crotch. Great value for money and produces a fantastic result.

A kit comprises 4 rolls of Modroc plaster bandage and a detailed help sheet packed with all the tips you need for success!

  1. We’ve been in business for 20 years. During that time we have always believed in giving top service, value for money and no frills products. Some pregnancy casting kits come with a much higher price tag and lots of accessories to make it look value for money. We keep it simple and affordable as we know a new baby is so expensive and you need to keep costs as low as possible!
  2. Orders are usually shipped by the next business day. We know that our products are time sensitive and every day counts. You can rest assured that your order is on its way to you quickly.  Click here if you want to buy the Pregnant Belly Casting Using Modroc Plaster Bandage kit today.

range of pregnant belly casts casting

Is a pregnancy belly cast hard to make?

pregnant belly casting

It is probably one of the easiest castings to do with a little bit of help from your partner or friend.

We recommend this approach if you want to make a lasting memento of your big bump. It is very easy to do. You buy 4 rolls of ModRoc Plaster of Paris Bandage and by following the included instructions, you can reproduce your bump successfully – but it is a negative or a mask.

Although it is referred to as a casting, this kit is really a belly mask kit so it makes a plaster bandage mask of your torso or bump. It is more of a memento than an actual reproduction of your bump or torso. If you want a positive which is then a reproduction of your bump, you can make a Papier Mache positive inside the negative ModRoc moulding or mask. In this case, you have to use cling film on your body before applying the ModRoc Plaster Bandage.

We do a whole range of ModRoc Plaster of Paris Bandages. Click here to view our ModRoc Plaster of Paris Bandage in our Craftmill Shop.

If you want a super smooth finish, purchase a bag of casting plaster which you can mix to a liquid and smooth over the belly mask once its done.  Then how about decorating beautifully (or wildly) with acrylic paints?  Thanks to Tina Killackey for working with us in allowing us to use her amazing belly casting photos.

Casting a full Pregnant Belly torso neck to crotch

This is more complex than a simple modroc belly mask.  Pregnant belly moulding and casting using alginate is the hardest of the castings to attempt. It requires 4 people including the model. I do not recommend it for anyone but an experienced sculptor. This kit comprises 5 bags of Chromatic Alginate, 18 kg of Fine Casting Plaster and 12 rolls of 15cm x 2.7m of Modroc. If you want it ask and we will give you a quote.

Instead of Plaster, you can use Papier Mache or Sculptamold. These are much lighter products which can be modelled into the body cavity of the mould.