Air Drying Paper Clay Hints & Tips

What is Papier Mache Clay Powder ?

Art Mache
Synthetic dry Paper Clay is similar to Das air drying clay except that it is available in dry powder form. It is apparently made from air dry polymers. To use the powdered form, you simply add water. It dries off white, does not crack, can be painted, sprayed, glued, drilled. Paperclay modelling clay will give hours of fun (if you have enough of it) for all ages  (children should use under adult supervision). When it is dry it is firm and solid to touch unlike Model Magic which is spongy and bendy.

This image has been taken from the Activa Paper Craft Web site to give you some ideas and inspiration on projects for paper clay. You can make most of these products using Papier Mache Paper Clay (obviously not the candles). You can use papier mache for paper sculpting too and as an artist’s medium it has great potential for the paper artist.

For some ideas and inspiration you can visit the Celuclay web site. This is for inspiration only – I no longer stock Celuclay but our powdered paper clay is very similar.

How to Use Instant Papier Mache Paper Clay Powder

Simply add water. Needs no firing, air dries and is completely non toxic. It adheres to almost any surface. It’s versatile – can be sanded, sawed, and nailed. Paper clay modelling material is a hugely creative material for making masks, landscapes, animations, dolls, picture frames, bird nests, candle holders, and so on an on. The paper artist can make an alginate moulding and from the mould, make a paper clay casting. Paper sculpting is another art with unlimited potential. Using an armature you can do paper clay modelling as well. papier mache -bowls

Wet papier mache paper clay can be added to areas already dried. And any unused mixed clay can be stored for several days in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator. Art Mache creative clay craft requires no special tools for working (simple sculpting tools include plastic knife, fork, stirrer, toothpicks, cookie cutters, etc.).

We stock lots of materials that you can decorate your finished work with Рacrylic hobby paints can be used straight onto the dried papier mache and tissue papers or decopatch or decoupage papers are a fabulous trendy way to decorate your work.  As anything sticks to it, you can mosaic it an add other embellishments to complete your project and create something fabulous!