Sculpey , Stadetler and Makins Push Moulds

Sculpey Push Moulds and Makins Push Moulds

Polymer Clay, Sugarpaste and Casting Moulds

Now, anyone can make flowers, animals, miniature dolls and a multitude of other designs using a push mould. Sculpey push moulds or Makins push moulds can be used in sugarcraft, cake decorating, and with polymer clay and air drying clays like Das and Earthen clays. Sculpey also have an exciting range of fun jewellery moulds.

Sugarcraft moulds and cake decorating moulds take much of the uncertainty out of cake decorating and speeds up the process of flower making. You can also use them as soap moulds and as candle wax moulds. You can also try chocolate moulding using the Staedtler push moulds.

Craft moulds are so easy to use and allow even the novice crafter to create designs so detailed they look like they took hours to make. Sculpey moulds and Makins moulds are designed to make modelling easy for you.

Jewellery Moulds

Each mould has different shapes and sizes for making polymer clay jewellery, wearable art and anything you can imagine. When modelling with Polymer Clay, simply soften the polymer clay according to package instructions then press into the desired mould, remove from mould and bake the clay for 15 minutes at 130˚ C. Air dry clays can be hardened quickly in a cool oven say at 100˚C

When completely cool, attach to jewellery settings and findings if desired and watch your creations come alive!

They are also great for cake decorating, push sugarpaste into these moulds and create wonderful, intricate cakes for all occasions. Even if you are not artistic, these moulds will make you look like a pro. Use them as chocolate moulds. Kids will love them!

Take a look at some of the themes available and be inspired to have a go today!

Sculpey , Stadetler and Makins Push Moulds