Sugarcraft, Clay, Pastry, Cookie Cutters

Cutters – The Easy Way to Make Beautiful Shapes…

Sugarcraft, Clay, Pastry, Cookie Cutters
Metal clay or pastry cutters are the perfect way to create fast and neat shapes in a vast range of sizes.  So many applications for these low cost craft items.  Craftmill stocks a great range of metal sugarcraft cutters or pastry cutters, starting with mini 2cm metal cutters to large 16cm biscuit cutters.   These are also well suited to use as clay cutters for plasticine, air dry clay and polymer clays.  Metal cookie cutters are very adaptable craft items.  These cookie or biscuit cutters are also very suitable for using as clay cutters or pastry cutters.  In cake decorating, they are ideal sugarcraft cutters, creating the finishing touch in seconds.

Budget mini metal cookie cutters are in packs of  3 different sized cutters of the same shape.  The shapes are 2, 3 and 4cm on the longest dimension.  They cover a wide range of shapes and themes and come in either single shapes or grouped shapes designed for a topic or celebration.  Whatever the occasion, we have cake decorating cutters to suit.  We have Christmas cutters for example; Angel, Santa, Christmas Tree, Snowman and Bell. We have Easter cutters, Alphabet cutters, Number cutters and Geometrical cutters and birds, animals and insects which are ideal cutters for sugarpaste cake decorating.  Examples of some of the shapes are: Butterfly, Teddy Bear, Frog, Fish, Dove, Hand, Flower, Heart cutters and Star cutters.

Under adult supervision these cutters can be used by children in baking or for use as Plasticine cutters, Play Doh cutters,  Model Magic cutters, Das cutters, earthen clay cutters as well as Paper Clay.

gingerbread men

Childgingerbread shapesren have endless fun with our larger biscuit cutters.  These include traditional shapes like gingerbread men and flowers, but also range to quirky modern shapes like shoes and gifts which can be decorated beautifully by adult bakers.

With all our metal cutters, it is easy to make fun 3-D toppers using polymer clay or sugarpaste,  for your cakes and cupcakes. Just roll out the sugarpaste or clay, press down with a cutter and lift away! Remove shapes with a small palette knife.

When used as sugarpaste cutters, these cutters make great layered decorations! Stack cut-out sugarpaste pieces in different sizes and colours.   Or use Sugarpaste fill-ins!  Use a smaller cutter to create a cut-out to remove the centre of your decoration. Fill in with a different colour.  Create cake insets by using these cutters to cut out shapes from your covered cake, then replace the pieces with your favourite colours to create unique decorations.

cupcake heartsheart toppers

Whether you need Christmas cutters, Easter cutters or everyday shapes like animal cutters and geometrical cutter shapes, there are a great range of cutters out there to meet your needs.