Sweet Trees

How to Make Sweet Candy Trees

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Sweet Candy Trees or Topiary Trees are the latest crafting craze.  There are lots of people who specialise in this, making fabulous sweet trees for parties and weddings (e.g. Big Kids Candy Buffet – see Ferrero Rocher pyramid).  If you want to make your own sweet tree gift or decoration, here is a list of sweet tree supplies you will need. You can purchase all of these cheaply and simply by visiting our Craftmill shop at www.craftmill.co.uk

What you need to Make a DIY Sweet Candy Tree

1)  A polystyrene ball or cone (or even a wreath shape) to make the top of your sweet tree

2) A sweet tree pot – normally a bucket or plant pot

3) A stem or tree trunk – normally a dowel. Put glue on the end of the dowel and push into the ball. You can make a small hole in the ball to help the dowel find its way in neatly.

4) Cocktail sticks to attach your sweets to the polystyrene ball – the easiest and best way to attach soft sweets and tissue paper to cover your polyball so it still looks pretty when people have pulled to sweets off on the sticks

5) Plaster of paris / casting plaster – to hold the dowel firmly in the pot, you need to stand the dowel in around 3-4 inches of plaster and wait until its set

6) Sweets!  We only recommend trying to attach soft sweets like ferrero rocher or marshmallows etc for a sweet tree beginner as these are easily fixed into place using a cocktail stick. Use larger sweets for the ball of the tree and smaller ones in the pot (or you can use coloured gravel in the pot)

7) paint to paint the sweet tree trunk and ribbon to decorate

Where can you find out more about Making Sweet Candy Trees ?

For a YouTube video of how to make a sweet tree, visit our Craftmill YouTube page.

To join in the fun and meet lots of other sweet tree makers, check out our Craftmill facebook page